Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our doctors with the highest quality surgical equipment, supplies, nursing and technical staff and to accomplish these goals at a reasonable cost and with concern for our ethical responsibility to our patients and community.

About Us

Encino Plaza Surgical Center was founded by over 30 forward thinking surgeons in the San Fernando, Santa Clarita Valleys and West Los Angeles areas.  There are currently over 100 doctors on its staff.  Services provided at this facility have expanded to include urological, gynecological, gastrointestinal, orthopedic, general surgical, podiatric and pain management procedures.  Those physicians recognize that the reputation of our facility is a reflection of themselves and consider their role as ethical physician managers as of premier importance.

What is an ASC?

An Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) is a healthcare facility where physicians can perform procedures including various types of surgical procedures, endoscopic procedures and pain management procedures which do not require an overnight hospitalization.  Ambulatory surgical centers must be Medicare certified and this is accomplished through a delegated authority from the Joint Commission for our facility.

The procedures performed in an ASC can be performed in an outpatient department of a hospital but for several reasons the ASC setting is often preferred by physicians for the following reasons:”


The freestanding surgical center focuses exclusively on our patients and is often much more efficient than similar hospital based facilities which may share operating rooms and equipment with hospital patients who generally have priority.


The studies have shown that freestanding surgical center patients are half as likely to need emergency room visit or hospitalization as at a hospital outpatient surgical department.

Lower Cost:  

The Medicare allowed amount for a procedure in an ambulatory surgical center setting is 40% to 50% below that which is paid to a hospital surgical center.  This difference leads to a marked saving for Medicare and health insurance plans thereby reducing cost pressures on premiums and thereby inflation in surgical procedure costs.

Patient Satisfaction:  

Our ambulatory surgical center provides a patient survey to each patient following completion of their procedure.  Approximately 40% to 50% of these are returned by patients.  Our surveys at Encino Plaza Surgical Center consistently indicate an astonishing 99% patient satisfaction rate.  This has been true throughout our history.  Some recent surveys at Encino Plaza follow:  Please add four or five of our most recent surveys here if you would please.

In Network

Unlike many surgery centers which are “out of network”, we participate as a socially concerned partner to you and your doctor to provide these critical services at a reasonable cost.  EPSC is “in network” with essentially all PPO and many HMO plans as well as Medicare so that neither the plan nor the patient faces excessive additional expense.

Patient Satisfaction

We have the finest nursing and surgical technician staff as well as outstanding equipment for performing the procedures that are available at our facility.  Our capable, concerned, and professional staff will make your experience at Encino Plaza Surgical Center a positive one. We intend to prove this each day of our practice life to you and your loved ones.  In fact our patient satisfaction surveys consistently run 99% outstanding (5/5 on a five point scale)!


Patient Satisfaction

Physician Ownership

You can be assured that the owners of our surgery center make decisions regarding staffing, equipment and supplies with a goal of providing the best possible medical care to their patients.

HIFU Technology for Prostate Cancer

HIFU, or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is a medical technology that uses ultrasound waves to destroy cancerous prostate tissue and allow it to be safely removed from the body. Visit the link below to learn more about this treatment and call our representative today.


Joint Commission Accredited

Encino Plaza Surgical Center has been accredited by the National Nonprofit Organization Joint Commission which accredits over 21,000 healthcare organizations across the United States.

The Joint Commission conducts unannounced inspections of Ambulatory Surgical Centers  that it certifies every three years to ensure that they continue to provide the highest quality in care.  The Joint Commission accreditation is a validation of our commitment to provide the highest quality in medical and surgical care for the patients and physicians we serve.


Let the highly professional team at Encino Plaza Surgical Center help make your surgical experience an excellent one.
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