Frequently Asked Questions

What is your address and where are you located?

Our address is 5400 Balboa Blvd., Suite 111, Encino CA 91316. We are in the three story building immediately South of the 101 freeway on the East side of Balboa Blvd. The name of the building is Encino Medical Plaza.

Do you validate parking?
No. Street parking is often available on Clark Street which is immediately South of our building. The maximum parking charge in our parking lot is $8.00 and the first 15 minutes are free.

What time does the building open?

Can I drive myself to and from the surgery center?
You will not be able to drive home from the surgery center after your procedure because you will be given some medications which can cause drowsiness and make it unsafe to drive.

Can I take a taxi home from the surgery center?
Yes.  However taxi services require you to be attended by a responsible adult during the trip.  Then everything is okay until the heading When to start bowel preparation if required on that heading and I will have to fill this in.

Does my driver have to remain in the surgery center the entire time I am there?
No. You can be dropped off and picked up as long as we have a phone number to contact your driver so we can tell him or her when you will be ready to leave.

Can the person who accompanies me to the surgery center stay with me while I am being treated?
For patient safety and infection control reasons your driver or accompanying adult will not be allowed in the patient care area unless a minor but can wait for you in our waiting room.

What time should I arrive at the surgery center?
Follow your doctor’s instructions and call his or her office if you are not sure.

What time will I be finished?
That depends on the length of the procedure and recovery time. It is best to ask your surgeon this question.

Can I wear my jewelry when I come for my procedure?
We strongly suggest you leave your jewelry and other valuables at home.

Should I remove my nail polish the morning of my procedure?
This is not necessary.

Do I need to reschedule if I am having my menstrual period?

Will someone be calling me to give me more information about the procedure?
One of our nurses will be calling you before your procedure to give you information and answer any questions. Also, if you will be personally responsible for all or some of the charges someone from our billing department will be calling you to inform you of the estimated amount you will need to pay.

Does the fee I pay you include the surgeon and anesthesiologist?
No. The surgeon and anesthesiologist charge you separately. There will also be separate fees charged by a pathology laboratory if your physician sends a specimen to them for examination.

What types of payment do you accept?
For our facility fee we accept cash, check, or credit card – including American Express. Payments for your anesthesiologist’s fees can only be made by cash or check.

Can I take my morning medications the day of the procedure?
You can take your heart and blood pressure medications with a small sip of water.

I am on insulin for diabetes. Should I take my morning injection the day of the procedure?
You should ask the doctor who is treating your diabetes and follow his or her instructions. In general we recommend you not take insulin in the morning while you are fasting for your procedure otherwise your blood sugar may become too low. We will measure your blood sugar after you are checked in and, if necessary, give you insulin.

I was told to eat and drink nothing after midnight the night before my procedure. Does that include water?
Yes – except for a small sip of water with your heart and blood pressure medications.

When do I start by bowel preparation?
Follow the instructions given to you by the physician performing the procedure. If you are unclear about anything related to this call the physician’s office.

Can I take my pain medication the morning of the procedure?
Yes, only if necessary, and with a small sip of water. Be sure to tell our nurse what you took.

Do I have to pre-register at the surgery center before the day of my procedure?
We strongly recommend you pre-register on this web site as soon as possible. Otherwise you will need to register at the surgery center on the day of your procedure.

Will I be in pain after the procedure?
Some pain or discomfort is expected with most procedures.  The nurses in the recovery area will give you pain medication as needed and as ordered by your doctor both in the facility to keep you comfortable and at home as needed.

Should I call the surgery center if I am having problems after arriving home? 
While the Center will contact you the day after your procedure to assess your progress, you should call your physician for any specific issues you experience post procedure.

What is conscious sedation?
Conscious sedation, as opposed to general anesthesia, is a state of deep relaxation without making you completely unconscious. Conscious sedation is achieved by a nurse giving you medications as ordered by your physician during the procedure.

What can I eat after the procedure?
If you have had general anesthesia you should eat bland, light food for 24 hours to avoid nausea and vomiting. After colonoscopy you may want to avoid foods which give you “gas” as you may have retained some gas in your colon which was administered during the colonoscopy. You should follow any diet instructions given to you by your physician and should ask him or her if you have any questions in this regard.

Will my doctor speak to my family after my procedure?
This is up to the doctor’s discretion. You should inform your doctor if you do not want him or her to disclose anything to your family.
Can I call the surgery center if I am having complications after arriving home?
It is best to call your physician. We would also like to be notified but are available for phone calls only during normal business hours.

When will I be able to drive or return to work?
We recommend you not drive or work until the day after your procedure but you must follow your physician’s instructions which, depending on what procedure you had, may require a longer interval before resuming your normal activities.


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